Corporate policy

Founded two decades ago, our company is defined by three values in which we have significant competitive advantage, and what are the key elements in the automotive industry, our main supply area. These are: reliable quality, accurate delivery times and cost-effective prices. Because of those three goals and characteristics we are first-line suppliers for our partners.
Since its foundation, Locomo Ltd. perfectly meets the high requirements imposed by its customers. Since 1995, the vast majority of our partners are related to the automotive industry and to high-volume production, ever since we supply to our customers with the previously set PPM standards. This is what distinguishes us from others – our company holds its high-quality production and services for a long period now.
We constantly monitor the international trends in order to maximally meet our customers' needs. We try to implement them as best as possible, adapted to the Hungarian corporate culture and to our partners’ profiles. We aim for flexible cooperation with our partners, which is based on our fast response capability.